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  Dye Into Print is the premier manufacturer of wide format dye sublimated textiles. Our various technologies offer both ink jet dye sublimation into fabric and inkjet direct to vinyl. We specialize in ink jet dye sublimation printing up to 720 DPI. Our capabilities enable us to print up to 10' wide seamless.

We manufacture in our 60,000 square foot facility with state of the art equipment. Dye Into Print's product line includes banners, flags, backdrops, curtains, table cloths, table & stage skirting, napkins, scarves and pillow & form covers. We offer outstanding quality with superior service and competitive pricing. Dye Into Print is a complete vertical operation providing printing, transferring, cutting, sewing, finishing, packing and fulfillment services. We have a professional staff of graphic designers to fine tune your art work. We can create any dye sublimated textile product from the conservative to the extraordinary.


  Digital dye sublimation is the convergence of conventional dye-sublimation transfer technology and piezo inkjet digital imaging. It is basically a three-step process:

1. Printing special dye colorants onto a transfer media as a mirror image
2. Placing the printed media in contact with the primary substrate, usually a synthetic fabric and
3. Applying heat and pressure to transfer the image.

Unlike silk screening that uses conventional inks and electrostatic printing that uses conventional toners, dyes are converted (sublimed) directly from a solid to a gaseous state by the application of heat, causing them to bond with the fibers of a non-organic textile like polyester. Upon cooling, the molecules revert to their solid state, but as "soft" molecules more or less becoming one with the fabric.

Dye sublimation technology is opening new doors in banner printing, fashion sampling, short-run apparel, manufacturing, home furnishings, product prototyping, soft signage, exhibit graphics and other specialty markets. Utilizing state of the art techniques, flags, banners, tablecloths, table drapes, table runners, pillows and so much more can be heat transferred to a polyester material using the dye sublimation process. The inks used in this process have an excellent fade resistance and limited UV (ultra violet) resistance. Because the image is "dyed" into the fabric, it can be laundered and ironed without the risk of running or fading like silk screened images.